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Book I - Trinity of the Dark Legacy Cycle details the violent end of the Kai Order - an ancient, spiritual guild of warrior guardians and priestesses who have sworn their lives to protect the Oracle Queen of Atlantis - at the hands of Maniok, the being referred to as the "Great Evil" in the age-old Song of the Oracle King.

It is a chronicle of Arkan, the last Kai guardian, and his desperate attempt to save the life of his priestess, who carries his unborn son, and his escape from Atlantis.

It is the story of Kieko, a lonely Lemurian boy of mixed blood who seeks to know more about his absent father's mysterious Atlantean past. Constantly bullied by Aiko, he eventually takes refuge with the village priest in the Kadek Temple, where he studies medicinal and culinary arts, calligraphy, and ultimately, the art of Ki sword. Under the tutelage of the priest, he comes to know the grim truth about his father and is prepared to face the horrific assault of the armies of the Atlantean Empire upon his humble world.

And this is just the beginning . . .



Book I - Trinity achieved the following rankings on Wattpad:

#6 in Science Fiction (April 2019)

#11 in Fantasy (April 2019)

#11 in Adventure (April 2019)


"Domenico Italo Composto-Hart has made a most impressive step into the fantasy and science fiction genre. This first book of the Dark Legacy series will join my shelf alongside my all-time favorites."

S.J. Wist, Fantasy Cookie Book Review

"Dark Legacy is a sweeping blend of epic fantasy and science fiction written in a 'high fantasy' style . . . Whether you are a fan of fantasy or science fiction - or even if you've never read genre fiction before - you will not be disappointed by Dark Legacy: Book I - Trinity."

Derek Donais, author of MetalMagic: Talisman


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